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AGROVARUSTUS OÜ aims to provide its clients with stable products of verified quality to ensure high-quality meat and milk production for agricultural producers. We also carry out regular internal audits in order to meet the quality control requirements of the HACCP system of the European Union during the production cycle. Additionally, feed samples are sent for analysis to the German federal laboratory in Kiel on a monthly basis. We work with leading Western European feed industries and research institutes and follow the latest research papers to prepare personalised recipes for supplementary feeds for our clients. We also come up with modern feeding solutions for our clients. Being local allows us to be incredibly flexible. We are able to fulfil our clients’ orders and the need for farm-based special products considerably faster than foreign companies.

AGROVARUSTUS OÜ worked with scientists to develop the product range ELIIT. The products in this range are made using only top quality raw materials. Today we also produce supplementary feeds for automated dairy farms and have the right to produce various medicated feeds.