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Mobile feed factory service

Agrovarustus OÜ provides a mobile feed factory service to make feeding cattle and pigs more up-to-date, meaningful and accurate.


Advantages of using the mobile feed factory service on your farm:

  • You can grind grains in your own farm.
  • No need to transport grain and concentrated feed.
  • Lower labour cost and less chance of error.
  • Concentrated feed has a more accurate and consistent formula.
  • Feeding solutions and rations are prepared by our specialists.
  • Liquid energy carriers (oil, propylene glycol) can be added to the feed.
  • Reduced need for investments in milling systems.

Capacity of the mobile feed factory:

  • Grinding service up to 15 tons per hour.
  • Amount of production – 12 tons at a time.
  • Option to add 3000 different recipes and 300 clients into the production computer.
  • Completed product can be blown into a feed hopper or stored on the floor of the feed storehouse.
  • Mixing accuracy of concentrated feed – 1:100,000.
  • Option to grind concentrated feed into various-sized grains.

The client should have:

  • Necessary amount of raw materials.
  • Possibility to store ready-made feed.


Ordering information and services:

Sales Manager

Assar Tops

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Sales Consultant

Indrek Juhanson

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Operators of the mobile feed factory:

Aivar Tedre

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Roman Meier

+372 56826624