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Agrovarustus OÜ

produces and markets mineral and supplementary feeds for pigs, cattle, sheep and poultry. The company was founded in 2000 and is based entirely on Estonian capital. Our facilities now include a modern and fully automatic feed factory that enables us to make granulated feeds and various energy feeds in addition to mineral supplementary feeds. The production line of the new factory consists of equipment by Danish companies Skiold AS and by Andritz Feed & Biofuel AS.

Feeding and veterinary consultation

Agrovarustus OÜ has long-term experience with providing consultation on feeding farm animals. We work with leading Western European feed industries and research institutes and follow the latest research papers to ...

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Production of mineral supplementary feeds

AGROVARUSTUS OÜ worked with scientists to develop the product range ELIIT. The products in this range are made using only verified and high-quality raw materials. Today we also produce supplementary ...

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Farm shop Mulgi talupood

Ever since Agrovarustus OÜ was founded, our business has included an effectively operating farm shop called Mulgi Talupood. The shop was completely renovated in 2008-2010. ...

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Mobile feed factory service

Agrovarustus OÜ provides a mobile feed factory service to make feeding cattle and pigs more up-to-date, meaningful and accurate.   Advantages of using the mobile ...

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Why choose us as your partner?

We are flexible

We are client-friendly

We comply with the latest scientific achievements

We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions

Our products are modern and of high quality

We have long-term practical experience in the local market

Feedback from clients

Margo Jäger ENG

Sigwar OÜ and Argovarustus OÜ have been involved in mutually enriching cooperation for years. There are many similarities between us: both companies are based on Estonian capital and being able to trust and count on another company like yourself is a highly sought-after value in today’s uncertain business climate.

Margo Jäger, Sigwar OÜ
Ülar Tänak ENG

Argovarustus OÜ is a good and long-time partner who provides supplementary feeds and consultations to modern high-end farms while also considering our specific needs.

Ülar Tänak, Kärla POÜ
Tiina Roosalu ENG

Argovarustus OÜ is a good, reliable and flexible long-time partner of ours in their specialist field.

Tiina Roosalu, Nigula Piim OÜ
Sirje Männiste ja Andres Suurmets ENG

We have worked with Agrovarustus for a number of years already. We use their products and also ask for feeding consultations if necessary. They are always there for us when we need them.

Sirje Männiste and Andres Suurmets, Kure Mõis OÜ