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Our products for poultry include a mineral supplementary feed, a protein concentrate that can be mixed with your own grain, and a complete feed.   Eliit MK 3 – mineral complementary feed for laying hens. Eliit MKT 30 – mineral complete feed with protein for mixing with grain. Eliit Munakana – granulated complete feed for laying hens.   Information

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Sheep and goats

We provide different mineral supplementary feeds – also with organic selenium Sel-Plex – for sheep and goats. We have created protein concentrates for ewes and lambs if your sheep need some extra protein.   Eliit Lammas – mineral supplementary feed for providing sheep with necessary vitamins and trace elements / minerals. Eliit Lammas SelPlex –

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Agrovarustus OÜ provides a comprehensive feeding and consultation solution for pig farmers. In cooperation with leading specialists and local farmers, we have created special recipes for wholesome mineral supplementary feeds and concentrates designed for piglets, sows, weaned pigs and fattening pigs. Our recipes also make use of organic minerals and other contemporary additives. Our Sprinter

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Agrovarustus OÜ has developed different ranges of supplementary feeds with regard to the varying technical capabilities of farms and the needs of animals. Mineral feeds for cattle   Eliit product range – supplementary feeds range for providing necessary vitamins and trace elements / minerals. Products contain a lot of raw materials to improve consumption rates, making

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Beef cattle

Beef cattle farming is a rapidly growing business in Estonian livestock farming. Agrovarustus OÜ worked with local beef cattle farmers and Alltech Eesti OÜ to develop a range of supplementary feeds called ELVE (Eesti LihaVeiste Eliit, [Estonian beef cattle elite]). The ELVE range is designed specifically for beef cattle. The production process takes into account

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Special-purpose products

Our formulas include several special-purpose products for dealing with problematic situations related to dairy cattle, cows on dry period and calves on the farm.   ELIIT Mikser Antilonge – high-quality range with Bio-Plex and Sel-Plex for treating leg and foot-related problems of cattle. ELIIT AntiMetriit – high-quality range with Bio-Plex and Sel-Plex for treating metritis

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